tooth anatomy and dental referralsAt Access Endodontics, we value our partnerships with referring dentists and work closely with other dental professionals to provide the best care possible. As the premier endodontics practice in Ellicott City, MD, we provide a welcoming, comfortable environment, as well as technologically advanced practices. We take great pride in knowing that local dentists trust the quality of our work as they continue referring patients, residents of Howard County and beyond, to us.

Please reach out to the Access Endodontics team at 410.304.7226 with any questions about referring patients and the services we provide.

Information for Referring Dentists

You’re committed to providing quality care and keeping your patients’ teeth and gums in the best shape possible. Having a trusted local endodontist for referrals is one of the most important factors in tackling difficult oral health issues. While you may be able to perform root canals in-house, working with an endodontist can give you time to focus on other aspects of patient care.

Access Endodontics is frequently utilized as a root canal specialist by many local general dentists. If your patient is experiencing pain and requires a root canal or other endodontic service, we are here to resolve their issue, quickly returning them to you for continued care. Working closely with referring dentists to understand the patient’s needs, in addition to providing seamless care, is what we are known for. Patients receive clear, consistent information about their proposed treatment plans in order to reduce any confusion, and referring dentists can rest assured of a positive outcome.

The decades of combined experience offered by our endodontists, Dr. Burton Waxman and Dr. Lina Jarboe ensure that patients receive top-quality care. Patient comfort is our highest priority, and Access Endodontics specializes in assisting patients who might experience dental anxiety. We’re confident that we can help referring dentists deliver comprehensive care to even the most challenging cases.

What to Expect from Access Endodontics

Access Endodontics provides compassionate care coupled with clinical expertise. When patients visit us for root canals, endodontic retreatment, or apicoectomies, we do everything possible to restore their teeth and relieve pain quickly. Advanced technology allows us to speed up healing times and reduce the risk of complications, and our individualized approach ensures that every patient feels heard.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Traditionally, root canals took two office visits to complete. However, dental patients who are referred to Access Endodontics can schedule just one visit thanks to Biolase. By using Biolase, we’re able to efficiently and effectively complete root canals. Thoroughly disinfecting the tooth using this laser ensures a greater reduction of possible future infections. It also shortens the recovery and healing window, allowing the patient to return to everyday activities more quickly.

Emergency Services

Cracked, broken, or dislodged teeth can have complicated interior damage. By referring dental patients to Access Endodontics, you can feel confident that they are receiving the best possible care as our endodontists address any issues caused by an accident or injury. Timely treatment is important, which is why we can quickly take any patients who are in need of emergency services.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Concerns about the cost of treatment can keep patients from seeking the dental care they need. Our team has years of experience in navigating dental insurance. We will work with your staff or your patients regarding various provider programs. 

Refer a Patient to Access Endodontics 

To refer a patient to Access Endodontics, complete the form below. The more details we have about your patient’s needs, the faster we’ll be able to provide the appropriate treatment. Please call our office with any questions, and as always, we invite you to learn more about our services:

Contact Access Endodontics at 410.304.7226 to learn more about how we partner with referring dentists.