woman prepares for endodontic treatment servicesOur Access Endodontics doctors have treated Howard County residents for over 20 years. Drs. Lina Jarboe and Burton Waxman are widely known and have received many accolades for providing exceptional endodontic services.

Endodontic treatments are the standard of care for those experiencing pain, inflammation, or discomfort relating to significant cavities, cracks, or chips in a tooth. The timely treatment offers the opportunity to save a tooth rather than having it extracted. More importantly, our endodontic services can help relieve severe pain and the potential health risks cause by an infected tooth. The interior tissue of a tooth may become aggravated as a result of tooth damage, trauma or decay. Whether you’ve experienced dental trauma and are looking for help, or your dentist has referred you to us, we will assist. Contact our office at 410.304.7226, or use our online resources to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our services.

What Is an Endodontist?

Endodontists are dentists with two to three additional years of training, particularly focused on diagnosing and treating problems associated with a tooth’s interior structure. Our endodontists, Dr. Lina Jarboe and Dr. Burton Waxman have extensive experience with both surgical and nonsurgical endodontic techniques. Working together in partnership at Access Endodontics, they quickly and efficiently relieve patients’ pain and discomfort caused by infected teeth.

Our endodontists are respected for their compassion and genuine patient care. They are also well-known for leveraging the latest technology to maximize their treatment successes.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or having a relapse of pain from a prior procedure, you might have concerns about whether the tooth needs to be extracted. We’ll do our best to save your tooth. With our Biolase technology there is an excellent chance that we will mitigate any persistent infection.

Services We Offer in Howard County

If a tooth infection or severe pain is causing concern, or your dentist is suggesting you visit an endodontist, contact us today. We offer the services you need. Compromised teeth, teeth that are damaged from infection or from an injury, may need to be thoroughly cleaned and sealed to prevent further decay. In consultation with your dentist, our endodontists will determine the best course of action for your needs.

Root Canal Therapy

Pain or discomfort can be relieved through root canal therapy. While the traditional root canal takes two visits to complete treatment, we’re able to accomplish the procedure in just one visit using the industry leading Biolase technology. This advanced technology cleans the root canal with greater efficiency, with reduced discomfort, over traditional means.

Endodontic Retreatment

Occasionally, pain may persist after a root canal, or might flare up months or years later. While root canal therapy is generally highly effective, a tooth with a complicated anatomy can make it difficult to fully eradicate decay, damage, or infection from causing problems. Endodontic treatment in Ellicott City is the next step in avoiding an extraction.

Traumatic Injuries

Sports injuries, car accidents, and other situations can cause damage to your teeth. Cracked, chipped, or dislodged teeth can be prone to infections. If you’ve experienced dental trauma, an endodontist can correct the interior damage to your teeth.

Laser-Assisted Irrigation and Disinfection

Access Endodontics in Howard County uses Biolase to remove infected tissue from the interior of the teeth. Biolase is a fast, efficient, and virtually painless alternative to traditional root canal therapy. Faster recovery times, less bleeding, and a more comfortable experience are just some of the benefits of this technology.


Root end surgery is a minor procedure that focuses on the tooth’s root tip and adjacent tissue. This treatment typically occurs when a root canal cannot be performed. During an apicoectomy, the tooth is accessed through the gum, and the tip of the tooth’s root and infected tissue are removed. Once removed, the remaining tooth is sealed. The Endodontist will suture the incision and provide you with post-surgery instructions.

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