/Root canals are the common treatment for teeth that have become damaged from infection or dental trauma. While these procedures are generally highly effective, in some cases, further treatment is necessary to save the tooth. If you’re experiencing persistent pain or inflammation after a root canal, endodontic retreatment might be necessary.

For over two decades, Drs. Lina Jarboe and Burton Waxman, have successfully re-treated failed root canals. Contact our office in Howard County if you’re experiencing persistent problems, or if an old root canal has started acting up. We can be reached at 410.304.7226 today to refer a patient or to schedule an appointment.

What Is Endodontic Retreatment?

Endodontic retreatment involves reopening a tooth that has previously undergone a root canal. During a retreatment, an endodontist will locate the problem, clean the interior of the tooth, and place a new filling. Following the appointment, it’s important that a dentist place a crown or restoration. Delays with this visit offers saliva and bacteria additional time to enter the tooth, preventing the endodontic retreatment from successfully taking hold.

Endodontic retreatments can often be performed using nonsurgical methods. Our advanced technology includes the Biolase, which quickly and effectively removes infected tissue and disinfects the interior of the tooth.

Do You Need Endodontic Retreatment in Ellicott City?

After a root canal, there are several reasons why you may experience pain or sensitivity. The tooth might not have healed properly, or additional damage may have occurred exposing the interior of the tooth to bacteria. Some factors that can lead to these issues include:

  • Complicated anatomy on the inside of the tooth, including narrow or curved root canals
  • A permanent crown was not placed quickly, allowing bacteria to enter the tooth
  • A cracked or broken crown allowed saliva into the tooth
  • Other forms of dental trauma exposed the tooth to infection

Pain, sensitivity, and discoloration are all reasons to visit your dentist. Seeing an endodontist early may help you avoid more complicated procedures. For example, a tooth extraction.

Visiting your dentist regularly plays a significant role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, as dentists can spot potential issues before they become painful or inflamed. Also, brushing twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste containing fluoride will aid in decay prevention. Flossing daily removes plaque and food remnants from hard-to-reach areas. Finally, your diet plays a role in the health of your teeth and gums—avoiding foods and beverages with high concentrations of sugar will help prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria and plaque on your teeth.

Reach Out to Access Endodontics in Howard County Today

Whether you’re a patient in need of treatment for a damaged tooth or a dentist looking for an experienced endodontist to make a referral, reach out to Access Endodontics today. Using leading-edge technology and considerable expertise in the field of endodontics, Dr. Lina Jarboe and Dr. Burton Waxman provide all of the endodontic services you need.

Some of the procedures we offer include:

  • Root canal therapy – We’ll quickly and efficiently remove damaged tissue in order to relieve pain
  • Treatment for traumatic injuries – We specialize in restoring cracked and chipped teeth
  • Apicoectomies – Root-end resections can treat hidden canals where the pulp is infected
  • Laser-assisted irrigation and disinfection – Using Biolase, we’re able  to improve efficiency and reduce post-procedure discomfort

Additionally, we offer sedation in order to help patients feel as comfortable as possible during their procedures.

Contact our office at 410.304.7226 or connect with us online to learn more. We’ll be happy to verify your insurance, schedule an appointment, and walk you through what to expect.